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Henderson Consultancy

It is surely not uncommon for business leaders to have trusted advisors to whom they turn to discuss the challenges of the day. Leaders have long sought voices from outside the company’s echo chamber as well as thoughts and insights from loyal and confidential sources from outside the company who are independent and thus often more objective and critical.

Given the accelerating trend towards specialization, it is increasingly more common for leaders to find their imminently qualified staff – and outside counsel – lacking a breadth of experience critical to particular decision-making analyses.

It is also not uncommon for companies to embark on deals or projects with scales of size and complexity that require the assembly of in-house and outside talent and the coordination of complex and time-sensitive matters that would benefit from the skills of someone experienced in such things and not burdened with existing operational obligations within the company.

And often leaders find themselves facing new and different challenges (sometimes crisis management or damage mitigation) that would benefit from someone with experience in such matters and contacts and relationships with those outside the company who can contribute to the resolution.

Not that long ago, those filling these roles routinely included lawyers who acted more as consiglieres, drawing upon their wealth of experience with many different matters and their relationships with helpful additional resources.

Surely, lawyers continue to play this role today, but for a host of reasons not the least of which is the change in the economics and specialization of the legal practice, there are fewer lawyers playing these roles.

Henderson Consultancy draws on over 35 years of Scott Henderson’s experience working with some of the smartest and most successful businesspersons, lawyers and other professionals on some of the most exciting and challenging projects, events and ventures in this part of the Western U.S. and elsewhere. Scott is turning his attention to providing advice and counsel and the reach of his relationships to individuals and companies who/that might find a value add from his insights or involvement.

In truth, this is what Scott has been doing for quite a while. Henderson Consultancy is really just a new framing and focus of his efforts.

Who can benefit from Us?

Business Leaders

  • Strategic Analyses/Resources
  • Multi-Faceted Projects
  • Crisis Management/Damage Mitigation
  • Entrepreneurs/Start-ups

Law Firms and Legal Departments

  • Strategic Challenges
      • Changes in Industry and Economics
      • Use and Integration of Technology
  • Subject Matter Expertise without Other Law Firm Participation
  • Business Development Strategies


  • Leagues and Associations
  • Teams/Host Organizations
  • Sponsors
  • Public-Private Facilities Capital Projects


  • Board Objectives, Roles and Obligations
  • Compliance
  • Fund-Raising